Tyrantti playing an online gig at Nummirock 2020!

Nummirock festival will be organized online this year due to COVID-19 – and Tyrantti will join the party!

The two-day festival line-up on 19-20 June 2020 also includes Omnium Gatherum, Ruoska, Suamenlejjona, Verikalpa and Nummirock Ensemble. Perjantain ja lauantain päälähetykset löytyvät Facebookin ja Youtuben Nummirock-kanavilta.
All streams and info can be found at www.nummirock.fi/striimi 

Tyrantti will perform at 20:00 (EET) on Friday 19 June.

New Tyrantti beer "Aja! West Coast APA" in stores now!


Your prayers have been answered as Tyrantti announced yet another band beer!
CoolHead Brewlistened to the song Aja! and brewed a properly hopped pale ale called "Aja! West Coast APA". The beer is now on sale in the following stores:

Pien Shop & Bar
CoolHead Brew (Tuusula)

Tyrantti confirmed to Off Stage Festival on 30 May 2020!

Tyrantti has been confirmed at Off Stage Festival, taking place online on 29-30 May 2020. Tickets here!

Sharing the stage with world-renowned doom metallers Swallow The Sun and unrelenting grindcore masters Feastem, Tyrantti plays on Saturday 30 May. The two-day festival also features SMC, Pikakassa and Vagabond Hearts on Friday 29 May. Tickets on sale now at Lippu.fi

Schedule, Sat 30 May 2020:

18:00 Feastem
19:15 Tyrantti
20:30 Swallow The Sun

"AJA!" out now!

Helsinki-based traditional heavy metal outfit Tyrantti releases new single “Aja!” on Wednesday 22 April 2020. Aja! (“Drive!”) is the first single of the band’s upcoming 2nd album.

“Aja!” overwhelms with 3 minutes of Tyrantti’s signature combination of fast guitar licks, relentless drumbeats and ridiculously high-pitched vocal harmonies – sung in Finnish. The band’s lead singer and bassist Nahka-Sami insists they are proud to be the anomaly amongst the traditionally melancholic Finnish metal scene:

– Some people call us the “Finnish Judas Priest” – it’s an honour, as they are a great band and inspiration – but with Aja! we’re aiming to showcase what makes Tyrantti’s music unique: we play melodic heavy metal that flirts with the old school, but still sounds fresh. No other band in Finland really sounds like us, and we like it.

Sung completely in Finnish, Aja! (“Drive/Charge!” in English), is a song about freedom, breaking the chains and uniting against a common enemy. – It was written as an anthem for breaking out of a shitty situation. We didn’t quite expect its message to be this relevant though, Nahka-Sami sighs.

Recorded and mixed by: Juhis Kauppinen / Shed Studios
Mastered by: Mika Jussila / Finnvox
Cover Art: Julia Riitijoki