“Orjaplaneetta” will be released 26th February 2021.
“Orjaplaneetta is one goddamn versatile album”
– Nahka-Sami
Helsinki’s heavy metal three-piece Tyrantti’s new album “Orjaplaneetta” will be released on 26th February 2021. The newest single release, “Toinen Maailma”, represents the melodic, epic and even emotional side of the upcoming album.
“Toinen Maailma at the latest shows what Tyrantti is all about. It is melodic, emotional while a piece of heavy-hitting hard rock with the catchiest chorus you’re heard since the 1980s. So far Tyrantti has been famous for intense and fast paced speed metal tracks, but Toinen Maailma leans more towards the legacy of bands like Whitesnake and Scorpions. Our upcoming album Orjaplaneetta has it all: relentless drum beats, strong melodies, high-pitched vocal harmonies and lightspeed guitar shreds. Orjaplaneetta is one goddamn versatile album.” singer-bassist Nahka-Sami comments.
Tyrantti’s 2nd album “Orjaplaneetta” will be released on 26th February 2021 and is currently available for preorder at Levykauppa Äx and Backstage Rock Shop. Its ten tracks are 666% pure heavy metal and unarguably the band’s greatest work so far.
Three singles have been released to great praise and have all been featured on Finnish rock radio stations. Fast paced “Aja!”, relentless “Veritiikeri” and the catchy power ballad “Toinen maailma” offer a perfect glimpse to the versatility of Tyrantti’s upcoming album.
The album’s artwork was crafted by illustrator Julia Riitijoki. Toinen Maailma’s music video was made by Tuomas Valtanen. Orjaplaneetta was recorded and mixed by Juhis Kauppinen and mastered by Mika Jussila (Nightwish, Children of Bodom, Stratovarius). Pre-order “Orjaplaneetta” from LEVYKAUPPA ÄX or or BACKSTAGE ROCK SHOP!!
Stream the new single TOINEN MAAILMA!
Katso sen musiikkivideo! (by Tuomas Valtanen)