A modern band that plays old school heavy metal – and sings in Finnish? Are they for real?

Tyrantti broke the limits of the NWOTHM underground with their breathtaking first single Tulipyörä in 2017. The Helsinki-based power trio released their self-titled debut album on 8th February 2019 through Playground Music Finland and hit #6 on the national physical album charts in Finland, receiving nothing but praise from media outlets around the globe.

Their new single is “Veritiikeri” (released 04.11.2020). Raging like a wild animal, the song features Tyrantti’s trademark vocal harmonies, fast guitar licks and relentless velocity. Tyrantti is soon to finish the recording of their 2nd album, due early 2021. The first single “Aja!”was released to great praise in April 2020.
Touring almost non-stop since they started, Tyrantti’s name has become synonymous for intense live shows everywhere they’ve played. Brace yourself for jump-kicks, guitar shreds and all-around true traditional heavy metal action.

Tyrantti and traditional heavy metal are back – and for good.

Tyrantti are:

Paha-Tapio, drums

Nahka-Sami, vocals & bass

Henkka, guitar & vocals








Kuvat: Joel Hautecoeur